Our SWMS policy documents and related information can be downloaded at the following links:

SWMS Safeguarding Young People Policy

SWMS Child Protection Workflow

SWMS Health and Safety manual

SWMS Social Media Policy

SWMS Privacy Policy

All other policies are included within our Policies Handbook:

  • Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct Policy
  • Allegation management & Complaints procedure
  • Student Behaviour Policy
  • Discipline and Expulsion Policy and procedures
  • Privacy Policy

Policies handbook 2023-2024

Please contact Tracy on t.hill@swms.org.uk if you have any enquiries regarding our policies.

Our additional guidance and policy documents for working online can be downloaded at the following links:

SWMS Online Google Classrooms Guidance

SWMS Online Mentoring Session Safeguarding Guidance

SWMS Online Workshops Safeguarding Policy